The move that will make our world a better place.
The beginning of a sustainable mobility life From innovative designs that save energy to materials that are inspired by nature and new technologies that protect the environment.
The New Niro
Sustainable mobility life
The New Niro
Sustainable mobility life
The New Niro
Sustainable mobility life
Niro Exterior
For Niro, sustainability is not in the distant future but today in daily life. Because eco-friendliness can be easily implemented yet make a big impact on our future.
An innovative yet harmonious SUV design Simple lines, a modern 2-tone body color, and a unique design that extends from the headlamps to the rear pillars and the boomerang lights unveil a new direction for future SUVs.
Niro Interior

An innovative space inspired by nature

Diverse eco-friendly materials and design elements that can be seen from the driver's seat all the way down to the passenger's seat reveal a deep consideration for sustainability. 


Slimly engineered seats and a panoramic display.

A balanced body design and details that are full of personality give Niro a unique dynamic look. Head-up Display and an advanced infotainment system facilitate the viewing and control of information.

PDF REFERENCE _ Nov 1, 2022. 

Niro Performance

Filled with convenient and smart driving technology. 


Displacement Value (cc) 1.6 Hybrid 1,580

MAX POWER (hp/rpm)

Max Power 105 / 5,700 ps/rpm)
Automatic Leather shift knob

A smooth-shifting 6-speed automatic transmission transfers the engine’s torque output to the wheels.

Dial-type Shift-by-Wire

A dial-type electronic transmission with fine details offers a comfortable grip as well as a sense of luxury. 

Niro Dimentions
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